67cm in inches formula

67cm in inches formula

Inch definition

An inch is traditionally considered to be the smallest overall unit of length in the imperial system. Measurements smaller than an inch are expressed as fractions of an inch: half, one fourth, one eighth, one sixteenth, one thirty-second, one sixty-fourth.

Some historical facts

In the 17th and 19th centuries inch was called a finger (it was equal to 1/12 of a foot or 1/24 of a cubit and was divided into 12 lines) and a geometric inch, also called a bench. It’s also worth to mention that inch used to correspond initially to three times the length of an average barley grain.

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67cm in inches

Centimeter defintion

A centimeter (symbol: cm) is a length unit, submultiple of a meter, equal to one hundredth of a meter. Centimeter consists of 10 millimeters. The centimeter is the basic unit in the CGS (centimeter gram second) system of measurement.

Imperial and metric measurement system

The standard table of measurement for the UK Imperial Units System and the United States Standard System includes inches (in), feet (or foot; ft), yards (yd) and miles (mi). The Metric System commonly uses millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), meters (m) and kilometers (km).

How many inches – 67 cm to inches

There are many online converters that help easily calculate 67 cm in inches. Here we will help you to understand formula for conversions.

One cm = 0.3937007874 inches (or you can round it up to 0.39 inch)

One inch = 2.54 cm

67 centimeters to inches equals 26.377952756.

We can round up above amount:

67 cm = 26.38 inches

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Other conversions

One inch is equal to 0.08333 feet

1 ft = 12 inches

1 inch = 0.02777 yd

1 yd = 36 inches

1 inch = 0.000015782828283 mile

1 mile = 63360 inches

How many centimeters?

It’s worth to check how centimeter value will be converted to other units.

67 cm to millimeters = 67 cm x 10 = 670 mm

67 cm to meters = 67 cm : 100 = 0.67 m

67 cm to kilometers = 67 cm : 100000 = 0.00067 km

67 cm to feet = 2.1981627297 ft

or shorter:

67 cm = 2.20 feet

67 cm to yard = 0.73272090989 yd

or shorter:

67 cm = 0.73 yd

67 cm to miles = 0.0004163186988 miles

or shorter:

67 cm = 0.0004 mi

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67cm in inches

Conversion factor

Presented calculations show that there is not one conversion factor for centimeters or inches. Conversion for metric units was rather simple. If we know basic conversions formula then we know whether we need to multiple or divide units. When we consider British units, then for every one we need to calculate it in a bit different way. So 67 centimeters conversion to inches will be easy when we use above calculations. As conversions are often needed in daily life it’s good to base on good example and later apply the knowledge to other inches or centimeters conversions.